My name is Vensy March – I’m a replica prop fabricator, costumer, and product designer, and this is my corner of the internet.

I’ve been creating costumes since 2009 (cosplaying since 2006) and loving it ever since. My goal is to actively improve and learn new skills and techniques by fabricating complex props, costumes, and/or product prototypes. Every project is tackled head on and completed with the highest level of quality possible. I begin with extensive research of various materials and techniques, determine the best route, and develop a course of action. The best projects for me are those that allow me to experiment with new materials and techniques that I have not had experience with formerly.

My time is now spent working on designing new products and cosplay kits for sale. I still work on my own costumes, but that’s on the side now. I’ve collaborated with Riot Games on multiple occasions, working with the Community team as well as doing some internal work. The main conventions I attend are Anime Expo and Summoner’s Con, you’ll find me at selling my merchandise at these events.

I am open for prop/fabrication contract work. PDF portfolio and resume are available upon request…


2013 Began Production

Began the production of Vi goggles in February; this product is the reason I started becoming more serious about product development and fabrication and so my business was started.

2013 Internship at Legacy Effects

During the winter of 2013 I had the wonderful opportunity of interning at Legacy Effects for about a week. I was taught how to run and maintain their various 3D printers as well as how to properly clean ABS, PLA, and resin prints from their machines for TV, film, and figure production. Jason Lopes showed me all the amazing things 3D printers are capable of.


2014 Graduation

I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2014 with a BFA in Product Design. My journey at Otis was a spectacular one, and I have grown a lot from it. This school is the reason that I now professionally fabricate props and products for customers all over the world. My professors at Otis really pushed me to become the best that I can and I really appreciate them for that.

2014 Contract Work

I did two contract jobs at Total Fabrication Inc. working on props. The first project was for Sony’s Nuclear Thone, creating an oversized guitar and lantern for two characters to hold, as well as their aluminum harnesses. The second project was for Blizzard’s new Overwatch franchise, creating the master forms for Reaper and Tracer’s guns.


2015 Contract work with Riot Games

Various projects with Riot Games, including gifts fabricated for the Player Support summit, appearance on /ALL Chat, appearance at grand opening of the new campus, etc.

2015 Summoner's Con

Booked my first solo booth at a convention to sell hand-made merchandise. Had the assistance of a few friends to handle the booth sales and stock while I was away from the booth. Was a part of the artists panel as well as judging the cosplay contest.


2016 Collaboration with Riot Games at PAX East

Worked with Riot Games at PAX East for the Riftwalk; wore Star Guardian Lux inside the venue to take photos and interact with fans. Also participated in the Creator Panel.

Meet the team behind Vensy Props

Vensy March

Vensy March

Owner & Creative Director

Mastermind; controller of cats and manipulator of plastics.

Stacy O.

Stacy O.

Assistant Fabricator & Sales Associate

Voluntary slave assisting with fabrication of products for conventions; cheerfully lures customer to booth for sales.

Richard Y.

Richard Y.

Social Media Assistant & Twitch Moderator

Social media assistant on Twitch and Facebook; strictly monitors Twitch streams – nothing gets past him.

Michael H.

Michael H.

Server Admin & Resident Engineer

Tech mastermind, manages the back-end of the website. The core engineer behind props and products.