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Join us at TwitchCon 2017

Find Vensy and Jesmine at TwitchCon 2017 to get exclusive TwitchCon swag! TwitchCon 2017 is coming up fast and this post is to inform you guys of what we plan on bringing to you guys at this event! We’ll be...

3D Printed Cat-O-Lantern

During the month of October the stream will be running a promotional event in celebration of Subtober and Halloween! Get your very own 3D Printed Cat-O-Lantern! Subscribe at the $24.99 level Contribute $25 to either the Short Term or Long Term...

PAX West Steampunk Eevee

Photos by On Impulse Photography and Hydro S Photography This year I had the opportunity to go to PAX West with Skybound to work at the Superfight booth! The freeway park at the convention is extremely gorgeous, so I didn’t...
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Creating Art, Products & Costumes

Vensy Props specializes in replica props, cosplay, costume accessories, and products. We are responsible for every step of the process – from the beginning stages of R&D to final production.
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A variety of products are available for purchase, ranging from finished props, to cosplay prints.


All completed projects are listed in the portfolio, discover the pieces that were created that you may have missed.


Tutorials and write-ups that show you the process that is taken to create some of the props and costumes.


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